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⌘ Chatvalley Technologies ⌘

"wood-turtle-device" (patent-pending).

local node: The Chateauguay Valley Network - 2008

Based in Elgin Quebec, we provide web-hosting- At a very low cost!

Coming soon! Ecologically-conscious (⌘) Web-hosting !
20% of your webhosting fee will be donated to an ecology-based charity.
As well, 5% of our income is donated to the W3C.
(...webhosting fees to be published here shortly.)
In the meantime, Email us:
To reveal our email address: CLICK HERE! @aqk

The above is used to:
1: Stop automated spammers from seeing this email address, and
2: Help Carnegie-Mellon University digitize literature.

Confused? call us! - 450.264.6342 and ask for further information!

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- Vista (easily upgradeable to Windows-7) which dual boots with:
- Ubuntu 10.10 The latest!
- Giant 80 GIG hard disk!
- ONE THOUSAND megabytes of RAM!
- Brand New Glossy bright LED screen! (see below)
- Brand New hi-energy lithium battery!
- Has built-in 802-11G wireless also!

- Absolutely FREE! A 19-inch CRT graphics monitor! Will work side by side with the laptop screen to extend your desktop in EITHER Windows OR Linux!
- Free Car plug. Operate the laptop in your car using the 19V adaptor in the cigarette lighter!

EXTRA! A Backup 7200rpm external drive of 80 GIG! Uses only a USB2 port. Needs no AC power. Will hold more than 50 movies, or 15,000 MP3s! - Only $39 !
Call/Appel 450.264.6342

- No Quebec salamanders or newts were hurt during the creation of this website. However, your results may vary.